Weiß Chilli Wein


He stepped into the room, self-assured, who already from the wide testified that someone here lives with a refined taste. With a movement, he skilfully took off his jacket and placed it elegantly on the chair. He sighed deeply, took a few steps, and reached for the bottle, just chilled.

He filled a glass that glittered beside the bottle, and sat down relaxed on his chair. He took the cigar from the table, lit it, closed his eyes, and enjoyed the rude smell of his favorite Cuban cigar and the exotic drink. It tasted this unique and unique variety, this excellent combination of top-class wines with a touch of fresh and spicy Chilliaroma.

Just like him – away from the classic, a bit controversial, greedy for extravagance, yet with a touch. He enjoys the style of the indomitable Casanova, which slowly and charmably conquered, but with the unassailable goal of conquering you. Whatever happens to him.

She watches him mysteriously from afar. His character is multifaceted, he brings abundance and freshness into the day, he never remains within the usual framework and always consciously or unconsciously always in the foreground. He can conjure up unforgettable, exotic moments together. Or a moment in silence when you close your eyes. , , and enjoys. How he can be alone.

Let yourself be challenged!