Story of Chilli wine



Beginning of this unique wine combination stretches in the year of 2014.
On that bright sunny day, an unusual idea emerged on Vizjak farm: ‘Why don’t we make a chilli wine?’

Already vast and diverse offer was extended with a slim bottle of a sort of white wine, at that time with a pinch of too spicy note. First attempt was unsatisfactory to our taste, so we didn’t introduce to the public. We waited for the next year and prepared better. We used varieties of grapes with a more prominent bouquet and carefully and feelingly added chillis with an irreplaceably typical fruit aftertaste.

We introduced the 2015 year with a large degree of self-confidence at Wine and chocolate festival in Podčetrtek. It reached an extraordinary sales success and much publicity. It was the start of the magnificent path of the 1st chilli wine.

An extensive research of existence of a wine of this sort yielded no results, no such wine was found anywhere in public offers online, which encouraged us greatly and added enthusiasm to make a significant step forward and introduce it to the World. We were aware at that time that we needed professional help on the highest level in the field of enology and wine cellars.
We joined forces with Winery Kolar from Spodnje Ponkvice and introduced the year 2016 together.
The decision was the right one, as turned out soon.

The direction and professional practices of Mister Ivan Kolar yielded us three prizes in the first two competitions we entered.
At the beginning of March 2017 Finger Lakes International Wine Competition, New York: – On its debut, the white chilli sort won a gold medal!

At the end of the month, there was another competition in New York, Great American International Wine Competition:
– It was the chance for us to primarily introduce the sweet, spicy rosé in addition to the champion. We won silver medals for both sorts.

It was an exceptional achievement not only for the Vizjak Farm or the Winery Kolar but also but also on a state level, for to bring three medals from such prestigious competitions, it is not minuscule achievement.


Vizjak family – A farm with a vision.

Our vision is to supply our customers with wholesome and quality food parallel to the most significant respect towards nature.
We are an ecological farm where the singing of our loyal rooster wakes up us every morning.
We aim to keep old ethnological ways of production, so the majority of works are still carried out by hand with the help of our good neighbors and friends. We are in the countryside of Šmarje pri Jelšah in the valley under Kalvarija and the church of St. Rok.
We are surrounded by the clean and fresh air from bellow Boč. There is an old forest in the vicinity from which a faultless rivulet pours in by us, thus enabling the ideal conditions for growth to our varied selection of plants.

First records of our family are reaching on year in 1860. Today we are the fourth generation of ecological farmers on our estate that uses principles of noninvasive agricultural production.


In Štajerska in the vicinity of the birth house of Anton Martin Slomšek and habitat of a grand pasqueflower, on subalpine karst, are the slopes of ancient vineyards of the Celje counts where Kolar’s wines flourish since 1602.

All wines aren’t the same. The same sun that enriches the grapes with sugar, but wine wins taste for the wine with the help of different structures of both textures of an earth and climatic influences.
The wealth that a few 1000 vines at Kolar’s produce, can’t be found anywhere elsewhere, for Kolar’s grapes grow in the middle of continental climate on the publicly protected area of subalpine karst. This combination is giving birth to exceptional big wines.

Numerous prizes the Winery Kolar was awarded over the past decades confirm the quality of their wines:

  • 3 Champions
  • 9 doublechampions
  • 273 goldmedals
  • 91 silvermedals
  • 68 bronzemedals