Confidently he entered the room that you could notice from far someone with sophisticated taste lives here. Skilfully, he took off his jacket with one gesture and elegantly put it down on the armchair. He sighed deeply, took some steps and reached straight for just right cooled bottle of semi sweet white chilli wine.

He poured wine into a glass that was shining next to the bottle and relaxingly sat in his armchair. He reached for a cigar on the table, lit it, closed his eyes and enjoyed intoxicating scent of his dearest Cuban and exotic drink. He tasted this distinctive and unique essence, excellent combination of top wine varieties with the touch of a fresh and spicy aroma of chiles.

Just like him- withdrawn from the classic music, slightly controversial, hungry for extravagance, but refined. He enjoys the style of untenable Casanova who advances slowly with charm but with a firm goal to win you. And he succeeds over and over.

She watches him mysteriously from a distance. His character is diverse; it brings fullness and freshness to a day, he defies conventionality and intentionally or not he’s always the center of attention. He’s a master in painting unforgettable, exotic moments tete-a-tete. Or a moment of silence, when you close eyes. And indulge yourself. As only he does it.

Be challenged!

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