Invited, you enter a dimmed room where many tiny flames of little candles dance and emit a sense of gentle warmth. Slowly you close the door behind and with a smile on your lips surrender to the flow of events. You pinch your lips impishly as you recognize the familiar melody. Your sophisticated eye is wandering around the room, then suddenly stops. You notice it.It’s impossible to miss. Thatnuance, thatshine. A bottle of sweet rose chilli wine! You are fascinated!

As you blissfully gaze the excellent color, you feel the gentle touch of his hand. Slowly he turns you around and looks you deep in your eyes. Politely he invites you to sit next to him. He proudly takes the bottle and with few spins in cork opens it confidently. Two small crystal glasses prestigiously embrace the beginning of an extraordinary experience. You toast over a friendly conversation. You turn the glass as a sophisticated sommelier, and you scoop the fragrance up. This aroma! You close eyes unintentionally inhale still once deep, and you allow that blessed wine bouquet takes over you completely.

You recognize it, the aroma is obvious, unique, intoxicating. The wild strawberries. Impatiently you take the first sip, and at once you feel the clean, mild spicy note of chilli. You don’t know why but you can feel loved, relaxed, light as a feather, all the burdens fall off of your shoulders, and you are taken over by indescribably radiant energy. You take another sip, tilt your head back in reverie, your heartbeat rises, and it takes your breath away for a second. Ecstasy. When you come back to your awareness and open your eyes the glare, and the shine of your eyes say it all. You want more and more. Again you want to feel his gentle touch.

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